Biography of Patrick Gregston


Patrick Gregston was born to a journalist who advised him not to write, "because people don’t read" so he went to film school.

With no relations in the business, he took an interest in new technology to develop a competitive advantage and has been on the cutting edge of electronic post production of film ever since. Upon graduation he worked as an film editor, off and online editor, associate producer, consultant, manufacturer’s representative, and owner of a company that provides editing systems. He has participated in over 100 feature films as well as all forms of television, series and movies of the week.

Gregston’s hands-on experience has made him familiar with all aspects of post-production - from post production budgeting of projects as small as "Looking Italian" to projects as grand as "Waterworld"… and content that has ranged from "Truth or Dare" to "Congo", and "Looking for Richard". As important, his experience in the evolution of post production techniques and tools has made him one of a handful of individuals who has first hand experience with all aspects of the process from camera to delivery. His craft, combined with his commitment to making technology work creatively, and financially, for each project he is involved with, has led to innovations in both the process and techniques.

Today, he is the proprietor of The Picture Works, a consulting company specializing in the use of computer based tools in post production. In a sea of new technology and technocrats, he conceived a practice combining technology and therapy that recognizes that the most significant component in any new system is human. In doing so, Patrick Gregston is creating new models for doing business in the motion picture industry. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.


Patrick lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Marion and their three children.



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